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Pertamina Executive

Impact of the physical environment on health and well-being
The past decades show a growing awareness of the impact of the physical environment on peoples’ health and well-being, both in academic research and in professional publications. This may be because of the shift from a one-sided focus on cost reduction to a more holistic and integrated value-based approach and an optimal balance between costs and benefits of interventions in buildings, facilities and services. Besides, people have become more aware of the impact of health and well-being on our quality of life and the risk of health complaints, illness or – in worst cases – burnout.

GGS Interior values quality of people, quality of work to improve the quality of life.

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Pertamina focuses on efforts to ensure the availability of inclusive national energy based on the principles of availability, accessibility, affordability, acceptance and sustainability. We had the opportunity to work on the Pertamina Executive area with the scope of work for Interior Contractors, Furniture and MEP in 2021 with consultant Dedato.


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