Building the Ideal Meeting Room: A Soundproof Guide for Disruption-Free Meetings

News   |   20 June 2024

Building the Ideal Meeting Room: A Soundproof Guide for Disruption-Free Meetings

A meeting room is a room equipped with several facilities for discussions, sharing ideas, meetings and solving problems. To create a soundproof room, several elements are needed to ensure that sounds from inside the room are not heard outside and that sounds from outside do not enter the room. One important element is the meeting room walls which are designed using double glass or what is known as insulated glass. This glass is two glass panels separated by a cavity filled with air so that sounds from outside cannot be disturbing and sounds from inside the meeting room cannot be heard by other people, can help keep the air hot or cold in the room, and does not easily become foggy or moldy.

The benefits of a soundproof meeting room are that it can increase the concentration of meeting room users because it is protected from outside noise, the speakers will be able to be heard because there are no distractions, maintain the confidentiality and security of the content of messages or sensitive information discussed during the meeting, and meeting activities will be more conducive if done in a meeting room.

To make it more private, sandblast stickers can be attached to the double glass. This sticker does not require special care so it is very easy to use and there is no need for disassembly when installing the sticker. Apart from that, to make the room more soundproof, acoustic foam, gypsum, acoustic panels or other materials can be added to the walls.

Soundproof meeting rooms offer many benefits to companies and organizations looking to increase meeting effectiveness and productivity. Together with GGS Interior, you can create the ideal meeting room.