Designing A Hybrid Office

Studies   |   18 January 2023

Designing A Hybrid Office

Hybrid Office is a office model that supports both offline and remote works. When the pandemic slowly disappear, many company starts to applying the hybrid working to their activities. This kind of model offers a flexible work schedule and giving their employees a chance to split their time as they see fit, between their home and the office.


As many employees were forced to adapt to the new model of working: the hybrid working. But they’ve discovered the benefits of hybrid working. It is also a starter for the office model trends during pandemic and many company already fitting themselves to this model. For employees, happier mood can improve the work quality and productivity. The model help us to understanding the latest trend and needs, when you need to work in a pandemic and you can’t always meet people everyday face-to-face. Another bonus is that this model really help everyone to adapt and spending their time within the office and home.


Right now we’re still in a pandemic, even it’s not that bad. But we need something to support and provide us while we’re working. Through this model, we can start to work as usual, safe and sound. While this model requires a flexible office interior design to support the hybrid working. Here’s how to design the hybrid office interior.


Great lighting, comfortable furniture, plants and rugs are excellent starting points. A comfortable workplace looks different for every business, and it’s essential to understand what your employees needs. The interior design needs to adjust your company’s image and value, to make it more better. You can start by placing some relax corner or helpful workstation in your office space. While you can’t make too much contact with other people, let’s start by setting a touchless button to help your employees. They will need this and it’s gonna be really useful for them.


Besides that, what the employees feels are important. We need to provide a workplace that useful for them and where employees feel happy about it. Again, this will looks different for every company, but you need to know what will make them stay longer and work harder in the office. You need to design an office space that will shocked them with happiness.


You can always choose what’s best for your company’s office. We would love to have you as our clients. Every problem with your interior design? You can always tell us what you need, about interior contractor, MEP or even fit-out construction.