VIVERE Group as a Leading Interior Contractor in Indonesia

Studies   |   22 August 2022

VIVERE Group as a Leading Interior Contractor in Indonesia

VIVERE Group established in 1984 and started as Interior Contractor with less than 10 people counted at that time. Since it was first established, VIVERE has already grown to 1000 people. Consisting of 6 business units, VIVERE is already known for its services on interior, MEP, furniture manufacturer, office furniture and home furnishings. For the last four decades, VIVERE has experience in working on big projects for furniture and interior design for office, apartement, hotel, hospital and retail shops. We also have our own showroom for promoting and selling our furniture to the customers.


Currently, VIVERE Group has 5 factories in different areas such as Pasar Kemis, CIkarang, Semarang, Cikande and Cirebon. The first factory at Pasar Kemis focused on custom furniture and interior. At the Cikarang factory, we produce high pressure laminate for furniture. There’s also a wooden manufacturing facility at our Semarang factory. We also have a metal working factory at Cikande and rattan products manufacturing at Cirebon factory. We are committed to give our customers the best services and experiences through our work, with our best class machinery and technology.


We’re consistently promoting our products and expanding our market to broader areas like Australia, America, Europe, Middle East and other countries in Asia. We do serve our clients from both overseas and local areas. One of our main products is rattan based furniture. 


As an appreciation for our hard work, we received several awards such as Good Design Indonesia Award 2021, Mandiri Vendor Award 2017 as The Best Strategic Business Partner and Designers Recommended Award 2014 for our Arborite High Pressure Laminate. Besides all the awards, we also received appreciation from our clients, such as Contractor Safety Management System from Pertamina, Safety Milestone Achievement from Petrosea and Excellent Safety Performance Operating without Recordable Incidents from ConocoPhillips.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, we did have health protocols to ensure the work environment was safe while the pandemic was still ongoing. We always check the temperature for everyone who enters our place, in order to ensure all employees are in a good condition to work. We require this protocol to make sure everyone works comfortably and stop the virus from spreading.


We have so much experience on working for big projects with area scale starting from 1000 sqm. One of the projects we’ve done was for Huawei Jakarta, where we worked for Interior Fit-Out and MEP Engineering. At the end, we received two awards as an appreciation for our work, Best Project Delivery Award and Gold Medal Delivery Quality Award. We really appreciate Huawei as our client for this project.