Huawei's Smart Office Concept

Studies   |   02 December 2022

Huawei's Smart Office Concept

As a technology company who focused on producing telecommunications equipment and smart devices, Huawei implemented the smart office concept for their office. Due to the current digitalization era, many companies out there have started to made their office look like a smart office concept. Using the advanced technology and implementing it to our office can help us on our daily activities.

The smart office concept not only about the technology but also you need to create an smart office ambience through the interior design. It is one of the important things to do when you want to create a smart office. Everyone can collaborate easily and working more effective with the technology. By creating more spacious space to make the office more alive and setting the functional furniture all over the room.

Huawei Jakarta Office is implementing the advanced smart office concept. With 7 floors smart office concept and support by the interior design. At this pandemic era, office with technology like touchless button can help people to avoid physical contact to prevent the virus from spreading.

When create a smart concept for an office, we need to pay attention to the design and small details on every space. Through interior design, we can create an ambience that fits perfectly for people and they can enjoy themself while working. The setting of light and furniture are fit perfectly to the concept and help workers feel more comfortable than their home.