Tips and Trick Before Decorating Your Office

Studies   |   11 November 2022

Tips and Trick Before Decorating Your Office

These days, some workers prefer office with the fresh vibes. They tend to choose an office with modern look, especially for the gen Z who likes the idea of modern look. Many companies are trying to create their office to look more homey. Nowadays, office interior are starting to use pastel colors on their furniture to make them feel more comfortable.

Therefore, it is very important to create a comfortable office for the employee. Because with comfort interior would help employee to produce better output. These days, so many employees want an office with a more lively atmosphere in a corner of the room, given a special room to relax, or maybe given a snack bar and other unique sofas that make the office more aesthetically pleasing. Here are some tips that can be applied to the arrangement of office interiors:

1. Avoid Less Functional Furniture

When decorating an office, we are trying to make it perfect and aesthetic with all the decor and furniture. But not all the furniture are fit for every interior, we need to remove useless furniture and add only functional furniture. Because, if we only use furniture with high functional value, the room can look neater and wider. However, the arrangement of this furniture must also be equated with the concept created by the office. Whether the chosen theme is retro, pastel, minimalist, or something else.

2. Glass Decoration for Office

Not only using functional furniture, but the use of large glass decorations is also able to display the impression of a spacious and comfortable office for the workers. Many workers are bored with the office atmosphere that seems dark and closed. Workers can look out the window for inspiration and also relax for a moment while gazing at the area outside the office. Because usually people who work in office spaces tend to find it difficult to get inspiration because they are only in the scope of that room. Therefore, the use of large glass in an office is very important in order to keep employees from getting stuck with ideas.

3. Murals and Painting

Have you ever seen murals or painting in an office wall? This is also a tips for arranging a room design to make it look alive, by playing color combinations that will produce an office with a creative atmosphere. This is usually used for offices that require their employees to always provide creative ideas and also provide other innovations. With adequate space and support for their creativity, it will be easier for employees to get ideas just by looking at the side of the room.

Of course the office has implemented a lot of efforts to make the room lively but if the lighting is still lacking then the office cannot be said to be a comfortable office, because usually employees prefer offices that have bright lighting because it will be easier for them to do their work in the office. In addition, if the office atmosphere is dimly lit, the employee might not feel relaxed and uncomfortable even though there is a lot of furniture that supports the aesthetics and variety in the office. In this way, good lighting is needed not only through lamps but also through natural light. So, do you already have an idea of what your dream office will look like?