Open Space Design Recommendations that become the Current Office Concept in 2023

Studies   |   27 March 2023

Open Space Design Recommendations that become the Current Office Concept in 2023

The pandemic has made it difficult for employees to collaborate because they are used to doing work online and individually at home. When entering the new normal, the concept of open space for offices is a hot topic of conversation in the realm of workplace modernization. The open space office concept is an open arrangement of workspace areas with flexible seating, so that business will run more efficiently.

An open space office facilitates good communication between employees. When employees are in physical proximity, it is easy for them to talk to each other.

So, if you are planning to design your office into an open space concept, this design will suit you well. To create a comfortable open space concept, warm-colored lights help the room look warmer and brighter. However, you can also get natural light sources from outside the room such as from windows.

You also need to pay attention to the right desk size so that your employees don't feel cramped while working and still have a comfortable distance from each other. To keep the office looking neat, you need to build a closet for your employees to store their belongings. That way, employees will feel more comfortable in the room and can enjoy their work.

When conceptualizing an open space office, you must choose the best interior contractor for your office. Find a professional and experienced interior contractor for your office project. Contact us, GGS Interior for a complete solution for your office interior.