What is a Fit-Out?

Studies   |   06 December 2022

What is a Fit-Out?

Have you ever heard about interior fit-out? Fit-Out is used to describe the process of setting an office through the installation of wall, flooring and ceilings. It is also a process of making an interior space suitable for working. An office fit-out is really important to growth your business in the future through the design of the office. Which with a good design, you can improve the employee’s productivity through the design.

Fit-out is very different from renovation. It’s not a same thing, while renovation is a process of renovating all the office space and fit-out is just a process that only need to do some installations to existing office. The goal of fit-out is to ensure proper planning to execute and fit the right installations at the required space. Fit-out installation process most likely include interior, decorations, flooring, wall, and fittings with the right materials.

Here are some tips before doing a fit-out for your office :

  • Find the right contractor for your office, it’s more easy to find a contractor who provide all service for your interior (including MEP and fit-out).
  • Brainstorm your idea of what will your office look like, what ambience you would like to show in your office.
  • Focus on every little detail to your design, pay attention even for the smallest thing in your office. It would help to make your office design look better.

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