Changing Trend in Office Design

Studies   |   12 December 2022

Changing Trend in Office Design

Entering 2023, office design are growing and varied. Slowly, the formal office design are replaced with minimalist and smart office design. After going through the pandemic, several offices out there are starting to replacing their office with hybrid concept to help their workers. Through this concept, office designs are starting to be made as comfortable as possible for everyone to be able to work in a hybrid situation.

Whatever concept each company carries, they always create office designs that can be used in various situations, so that employees can work more freely and collaborate each other. Increasing the quality of the office through good design can help increase the employee productivity. The cubicle design that is made on each floor can help employees to work more focused. The choice is to work with an open concept or a cubicle?

But along with the times, office design began to change from an “old working space with barrier” to an “open-space” concept to facilitate collaboration between employees. The hybrid concept that was created marks a shift in the office design trend to a newer and more useful design. Office design with a divider on each desk is a trend that used to be used for office designs, but now many are starting to switch to using a hybrid workplace design. Hybrid designs are usually equipped with cubicles and breakout rooms and more open space. This hybrid model supports the interactions in the office so that they can be more flexible.

One of the companies with hybrid design is VIVERE Group. The comfortable workspace is made to easy for collaborate, as well as the placement of existing cubicles and breakout rooms to support workers. The emergence of this hybrid model is usually marked by large companies, they starting to change their office designs to be more flexible. Office design will continue to move forward and improve the way we work. From adapting to changing markets to balancing new strategies, office design trends will continue to evolve according to the times and the needs of employees.